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Roger Girard - Conductor
Wes Otsuka, Former Conductor.
Private event at RBG in Dec
Sax line at RBG event 2018
Lynn and Rob at RBG 2018
Trumpets at RBG event 2018
Hawaiian Night at Burlington Seniors Cen
Hawaiian night 2018
Roger and Cindy at Hawaiian Night 2018
Rudy at Hawaiian Night 2018
Hawaiian Night 2018
Lynn Snider at Hawaiian night 2018
Rehearsal 2018 sax line
Dance at Burlington Legion 60, April 29_2017
Burlington Central Park bandshell event, 21st June 2017_
2015 (Dec) Event at VSL in Hamilton
Elvis is in the building - Roger Girard
Back in the day - 2007 at Burlington Cen
Summer, 2016
Playing in the Dundas Driving Park, August, 2016
2016 - Jane Watson - Vocalist
Lynn Snyder - Keyboard
Rob McKay - Guitar
Bruce Powell - retired member
Jeff Stringer - String Bass
Trumpet Line
Lloyd Spalding, Joanne Romanow and Alex Gall
Saxophones - John Thombs, Cindy Gollinger, Rudy Wasylenky, Ian McNaughton and Roger Girard_
Ian McNaughton and Roger Girard
Jane Watson - Vocalist
Elvis is in the park - Roger Girard
Lynn Snyder - Keyboard
Rob McKay - Guitar
Bev Blayney
Bev Blayney - Trumpet
Jim Watkins - Trumpet
Dave Baldry - Member until the end of 20
Barb Gatt - Trumpet
Ruth St. Amand
Trombones (missing Tom Harrower and Sue Marko)
Lloyd Spalding - Trombone
Joanne Romanow - Trombone
Alex Gall - Trombone
John Thombs - Now retired
Cindy Gollinger - Alto Sax
Rudy Wasylenky - Alto Sax
Ian McNaughton - Tenor Sax
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